Turn, O Libertad by Walt Whitman

TURN, O Libertad, for the war is over,
(From it and all henceforth expanding, doubting no more, resolute, sweeping the world,)
Turn from lands retrospective, recording proofs of the past;
From the singers that sing the trailing glories of the past;
From the chants of the feudal world - the triumphs of kings, slavery, caste;
Turn to the world, the triumphs reserv'd and to come - give up that backward world;
Leave to the singers of hitherto - give them the trailing past;
But what remains, remains for singers for you - wars to come are for you;
(Lo! how the wars of the past have duly inured to you - and the wars of the present also inure:)
- Then turn, and be not alarm'd, O Libertad - turn your undying face,
To where the future, greater than all the past,
Is swiftly, surely preparing for you.